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Fantastic, you’re here! I’m Nikki Mennel, author, stroke survivor and I’m crazy about green smoothies!  I’m going to share with you all my secrets so you can find your Mojo too.  This has led me to an amazing life of health and wellbeing. I wouldn’t change this journey, for the world. 


I’m going to share with you how you can have lots of energy for your husband, partner, family, friends, career, hobbies… You know, all the things we do as women everyday.  You’ll look incredible of course, and be a powerhouse of energy and focus.  So much so, your kids will have trouble keeping up with you!  And the best news is, you can do all this in less than 5 minutes a day.  It’s so easy and delicious, you’re going to love it!


Every woman has her secret weapon. Well, green smoothies are mine!


There are two reasons I’m excited to share this with you.  The first is that it’s so easy to achieve real health and wellbeing, it’s a crime to keep it a secret.


The second reason is that health and wellbeing came at a high price for me.  In September 2011, I had two strokes.  I was only 39 years old.  After the strokes I had a life changing choice to make. 


I could either continue to blame the stress, the job and my lifestyle for my strokes, and believe the myth that health and wellbeing were out of my control




I could choose to create a body and life full of health, love and happiness.  Trust me, the second has been so much more fun.  So that’s what I did.  And now that you’re here, that’s the greatest gift I could wish for you too.


Don’t wait for a wake up call.   This is something you can start doing right now.  I’ll be there every step of the way inspiring you and showing you how to make it a very real part of your life, just like I did. Do this for yourself, your family and the rest of this amazing life you are busy creating.


If you know someone who needs help to get their health and wellbeing on track, please share this with them.  It will be your gift to them. Sign up to keep in touch, I’d love to tell you more! 


With love and gratitude,


Nikki xx

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  1. Love the new website!

    My only suggestion would be to lighten and brighten your chimp in your logo – he’s looking a bit dark and perhaps you could enhance him to make him look healthy – perhaps some reddish cheeks?

    Warmest Wishes

    Rik xo

  2. Dear Rik
    Thanks for your support, I’ve had lots of fun setting it up. Thank you for the feedback, our cheeky chimp is currently undergoing a makeover and should be ready shortly. Can’t wait!

  3. Dear Nikki
    this is fantastic!!! I’m so very happy for you. Well done and congratulations.
    Good luck with and all the best!
    Love and respect.

  4. Hi Nikki
    Absolutely brilliant, well done. I am so happy for you, you are an amazing lady. Can’t wait till you bring out a book xx

  5. Loving the facebook updates with inspiration and gentle reminders to do what I know makes me feel awesome……. a day with out green smoothies make it a little harder – I cant imagine not being on them at all. Cheers to a great website, good health, awesome people and an amazing life 🙂

  6. Dear Elissa
    I love reading your comments and thoughts. You have shared some great information! Thanks again for your support, it is fantastic!

  7. Just read the article about you in the latest Mindfood magazine and jumped online to see if you had more to say about green smoothies and you do! A whole website infact, fabulous! For the last six months I’ve been making green smoothies and had been looking for some new recipes to try. You’ve provided a whole range of new combos for me to try. Thanks 🙂

  8. Dear Tracey
    Great to hear you are loving the green smoothies, they have made such a difference in our lives! If you have any recipes you would like me to post for everyone, please send them through. I’d love to hear how your going! Thanks again for your support.
    Cheers to good health,

  9. Hey Nikki,

    Thanks for writing such a fantastic book. Very powerful and insightful – and life changing for your readers. Awesome work. Two thumbs up from me.

    Andrew Griffiths

  10. Hi Nikki,

    So amazing to see a fellow Destiny Star (Team 4 DWD 2012) set such an amazing goal and achieve it so quickly. You are an inspiration and role model to everyone who has the honour of connecting with you either personally or through your web page.

    I received your book last Friday, read it start to finish Saturday and commenced our Smoothie Journey Sunday. We are absolutely loving the whole process.

    Marty and I have always been very interested in diet / health and similar to yourself we had viewed mostly from the “weight” platform. We have been cold press juicing and to be honest I found this process a little laborious and somewhat wasteful. Your Smoothie recipes leave us feeling fuelled, satisfied and taste fabulous. They are so quick and easy to make and clean up after, even my youngest daughter has also got started with her own creations. Both our energy levels have had a huge shift and its only day 3.

    Thank you for sharing your journey and inspiring us to step up.
    Much love and laughter
    Page xx

  11. Hey Nikki,

    Our first week of the smoothie journey has been great, amazing how quickly your body shifts from craving sweet carb & processed to fresh whole foods.

    Thank you so much.
    Much love and laughter
    Page xx

  12. Read your story in the Sunday paper and I found it so inspiring! Thanks for the great recipes and for being such an encouraging role model for positive energy generated via healthy eating 🙂

  13. I just read your story in the Sunday paper.
    So inspiriting you are.
    I have been juicing on off for a while now and am feeling the benefits of it.
    Thank you sharing your story.

  14. Hi Nikki
    I was lucky to catch your article in the paper this morn which led me to search out your website. I have really enjoyed the website, yours is a sensational story and it is refreshing that you want to share your journey and knowledge with all. I am very enthused now to start introducing green smoothies as part of the regular family diet and to spread the word to as many as possible. Thanks for the great ideas and recipes, it really does make it so simple. Keep up your great work!!!

  15. I read about your story and the smoothies in a newspaper. I would like to receive the ebook.

  16. Hi Nikki,

    Have just read your story in the Sunday Mail. One, I am thankful for your full recovery and two, you have totally inspired me. Three months ago I gave up alcohol after a lifelong addiction to it. My goal is to remain sober, however, I have found myself eating a lot of sweet foods since which I never did before. I am not really happy to be having such sugar laden foods so I am hoping that your Green Smoothies Recipes will help me to alter this. Any suggestions to help on my healthy new path in life?


  17. Hi Nikki,

    Can’t wait to start on my smoothie journey, all the wonderful comments from other people and the great results.
    Looking forward to much better health in the future.

    Think you,

  18. Hi Nikki,

    I read your article in the Body & Soul, you are an inspiration to all., I work for Curves & I have organised weeks where we have green juice. Mon- Tues , they have to swap one meal a day for green juice. Tues-Wed two meals & Frid all three, they can have healthy snacks in between. They have their waist measured before & after. As soon as I read your article, I just had to have your book & dvd. Stay Happy & healthy Deb x

  19. hi there ,I have just purchased your book carnt wait to start the green smoothies ,are they best made in a cold press juicer!!

  20. I have cancer and have been juicing etc for a couple of weeks now, having 1 to 2 pints of juice a day. Secondary cancer, but the energy I have obtained is fantastic. It is my life style now and looking to add your book to my libary.

  21. Hi Rhonda
    Just check on the right hand side of our website. You’ll see a sign up box. Just fill in your name and email address. You will receive an email from us asking you to click a link to confirm. You eBook should appear straight away for you. If you can’t see it, check your download folder.
    Wishing you lots of health, love and happiness,

  22. Dear Deborah
    That’s fantastic that your helping people to live healthier lives! I wish you lots of success. Thanks so much for ordering a copy of my book and DVD. I hope you enjoy watching and reading more about green smoothies and healthy living.
    Wishing you lots of health, love and happiness,

  23. Hi Marlene
    The cold press juicers are a slightly different thing. Cold press juicing is a brilliant way to rest your digestion while getting all the nutrients. Juicing will remove the fibre and just leave the juice. With green smoothies, we blend the whole food ingredients keeping in all the fantastic fibre and the nutrients. The fibre will help to clean the intestines and remove the toxins from the body before they reach the blood stream. I love green smoothies for this very reason! We do a little juicing as well a couple of times a week and have our green smoothies every day.
    Wishing you lots of health, love and happiness,

  24. Dear Robyn
    Green smoothies certainly changed my palate. I stopped eating meat and remove processed foods and sugar from our diet. I didn’t intentionally set out to do that, green smoothies are very clever at changing your palate. You actually start craving healthy foods, which is brilliant. It’s really quite amazing at how it happens. You must be feeling so much better to have overcome your addiction. What a great time to put all focus and energy into eating beautifully healthy and tasty food to help repair and heal your body. Getting some exercise will also help to feel fitter and well. What a beautiful way to honor yourself.
    Wishing you lots of health, love and happiness,

  25. Hi Nikki
    your recovery sounds unbelievable, what did the so called experts have to say about your remarkable comeback ? I can’t wait to start on my Green journey, it puts a whole new meaning to being a greeny.
    Do you have a recommended daily intake ?

    Yours in health

  26. Hi Nikki,
    I am trying the green smoothy recipes in the body & soul lift out from the Sunday times, I find the drink very tasty, we grow our own silverbeet & Kale, so I have been using these instead of spinach at the moment.

  27. Hi Sandra
    That’s perfect! Adapt the recipes to what you have available and what you like. The recipes are for ideas and inspiration. Great to hear you love the recipes.
    Wishing you lots of health, love & happiness,

  28. After talking with Jürgen, I was really intrigued about the green smoothies. It not something which I have heard of before and felt that this could be an effective contribution to one of my new years resolutions……. living more healthy. I was diagnosed a few years ago as having IgA deficiency, which is basically a problem with the immune system. This makes me susceptible to infections of the airways, which generally occurs every 2 months or so, the last fews years have been particularly severe with every common cold turning into a serious infection requiring minimum 7 days antibiotics. I have even been admitted to hospital a couple of times.

    I am now writing this entry here with a new sense of hope. It may sound ridiculous to mention this so, but I have just normally recovered from a common cold! About a week ago I started getting typical cold symptoms and was worried about the “usual” consequences as I have many business trips coming up. I cannot remember the last time I caught a cold which did not escalate into a much more serious infection. As I am writing this now I can feel that the cold symptoms have almost completely gone, I’m over it! I cant tell you how anxious I get when catching a cold, knowing that a physical battle lies before me. This is the first time in years that I have recovered normally from a cold!

    The only difference in lifestyle I have made which could have contributed to this, is drinking a litre of green smoothie every day since the beginning of January. I will continue the “green smoothie therapy” and plan to have a blood test done to check my IGA levels in a few months. I’m curious to see how the values will be, I’ll keep you informed. I don’t follow yours or anyone’s recipes exactly, I take whatever fruit is to hand and be sure to use generous helpings of spinach or mangold. It tastes great and is extremely refreshing.Thank you so much for your commitment and support. Cant tell you what a change this has made to my quality of life only after only a few weeks!

    Wishing you both ongoing love, health, happiness and success!

  29. Hi there, my name is Chris and due to continual health problems, both my husband and I have had to make some healthy eating changes as of three days ago. Admittedly it has been a big turn around, but we both want to see changes happen and that will only come about as we step out and try new things. I’d heard from a work colleague that green smoothies are a good way of getting your energy boosted so here we are on your site, being educated and encouraged as we go…thank you very much. Here’s to living life and loving it!

  30. PS….forgot to say thank you for the ebook.I’m sure it will be inspiring as well.
    Kindest regards
    Chris & Reece

  31. Hi Nikki

    As you know we are recent converts to the amazing green smoothie. You have totally inspired us to make small life changes for health benefits and, while we will never be vegetarian, we have been religiously drinking a green smoothie every morning. We both feel great – and all thanks to you! The book is amazing – so informative but simple and easy to read. We can’t wait to try out the soups too. Thanks for the inspiration! Sam & David

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