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Cheeky Chimp Smoothies

Nikki and Jurgen Mennel created Cheeky Chimp Smoothies after Nikki experienced a stroke in September 2011.  They used green smoothies as the foundation for a complete health and lifestyle change with incredible results.


Nikki has now made a full recovery from her stroke. She has embarked on a mission to share this valuable information with other people who are also looking for improved health, energy and recovery. Her vision is to change the course of serious health issues and reduce recovery times from illness.  Most illnesses today, are avoidable through healthy lifestyle and dietary changes. Nutrition, exercise and wellbeing play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy body for the long term.


In 2013, Nikki wrote her first book, GREEN Smoothies – Live Like It Matters.  She has also released her DVD, GREEN SMOOTHIES – Taking Your Health From Ordinary To Extraordinary!  Nikki began running group, private and corporate workshops throughout the year.  She is now speaking at wellness events and corporate presentations. Nikki is a StrokeSafe Ambassador for the National Stroke Foundation and presents to both community groups and at corporate events. She is passionate to share with others how easy it is to transform you health and wellbeing, with powerful results.  Green smoothies have been the foundation for her incredible recovery. Sign up to receive regular inspiration and ideas.  Like what you’ve seen? Sign up for regular doses of inspiration, healthy ideas and brilliant tips for wellbeing!


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Nikki,
    I am really interested in finding out more about your green smoothies. I am 30 and suffered a stroke almost exactly 2 months after you did. I am still REALLY tired and your description on the stroke foundation blog around going out, your confidence and social shyness is EXACTLY what I am going through right now. I have also really struggled with food/warfarin and am so scared to eat anything because my INR is always all over the place – if your free I’d really love to talk to you about your smoothies because I feel like I’ve hit a brick wall with my recovery. I am so hopeful green smooties can change this! Feel free to have a squiz at my new blog to get some more detail about my story and if your free drop me a line via email or FB (I’ve ‘liked you’ so hopefully you can access me that way if you prefer). Thanks for sharing your story!

  2. Dear Erin
    Wow, I know exactly what you mean. I read your blog, your in incredible writer! I would love to talk further with you and will email you now.

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