Part 4 – The Low Down on Cleansing

The Low Down On CleansingThe Fiji cleanse was quite a roller coaster ride.  I thought it would be easy as we were eating a really healthy, clean whole food diet.  Having said that, I had developed a few bad habits that made cleansing really challenging.  The first was cappuccinos.  I used to have 3-4 cups per week.  I had managed to get my self up to two cups a day, so it was now 14 per week.  The other daily habit I had developed was a small piece of bread with breakfast.  It’s funny how easy it is to justify if it’s only one a day, but those bad boys added up and I paid the price.

Starting the Cleanse

The night before the cleanse was due to begin, we had dinner.  We were served a buffet of sliced raw vegetables, raw hummus, lettuce, stir fry vegetables, soup and fish.  I passed on the fish but ate a very generous size of everything else.  I thought if I wasn’t going to eat for five days and only exist on juices, I’d better stock up.  Turns out, this was not a very good idea.  The next morning for breakfast, there was fruit, sliced vegetables, hummus, lettuce and dressing.  Again I loaded up.  We then headed off to the do the pole climb.  Lunch was also more of the same. Beyond lunch there was no more food…

During the lunch break, Jurgen and I headed off for our colonics.  I had a light headache during the pole climb, but didn’t think much of it.  It was pretty hot so I just put it down to a little dehydration.  After the colonic, the headache became much worse.  By the time we headed back to the main hall for the evening session, my head was pounding.  I began to feel very unwell and was ill several times.  I felt so unwell that I had to head back to our room.  I was sick again and then I got into bed.  I was quite shocked at how much food I had thrown up and how terrible I was feeling.  I realised was eating way more than my body could digest.

Day Two

The Low Down On CleansingI managed to sleep right through the night and woke up with another headache.  I was still feeling nauseous and very drained.  We headed over for breakfast, which consisted of fresh juice.  After taking exactly 2.5 seconds to drink that, breakfast was over.  Given that I was still feeling so unwell, I don’t think I could have eaten anything anyway.  As the day went on we were served one very small thing every few hours.  These included juices, wheatgrass shots, Udo’s oil, smoothies, savory smoothies, or clear broth.  It’s surprising how your body stops being concerned with eating while you are cleansing.

Coffee – The Natural Enemy Of Cleansing!

During the morning session our leaders asked how everyone was feeling.  Another lady was also in a bad way.  Coffee was a hot topic and I started realize how it was playing a role in what I was now experiencing.  My body was releasing toxins into my blood stream.  My 14 cups of coffee each week were suddenly in the forefront of my mind.  I thought at this stage if I was feeling so unwell, that my body was working hard to get rid of it all. The colonics and drinking lots of salt water and electrolyte water was helping to flush the toxins out too.  It was going to be a waiting game. I knew I would have to start feeling better soon.

Rest, Rest, Rest

I was tired but this is quite normal during a cleanse.  We were told to rest a lot and take it easy.  Walking and jumping on the mini trampolines for a short while was fine.  Any heavier exercise was discouraged.  If you exercise too much during a cleanse, your body can release toxins much faster into the blood stream.  You can literally drop to the floor. There was no need to tell me twice, take it easy and napping became my mantra!

Perfumes, Deodorant & Moisturizer

The Low Down On CleansingWe were also advised not to wear deodorant or perfumes. They can stop the body from releasing toxins from the armpits and through the skin.  People can also be quite sensitive to smell while they are cleansing. I stopped using them and found that a quick wipe under the arms with a damp paper towel removed any musty smells! When we came off the cleanse I did start to use deodorant again.

Day Three – Yeah!

By the third day, I was feeling great.  I felt sorry for the others in our group who had started feeling unwell.  The more we were learning about our health and wellbeing, the more we started to really understand the benefits of cleansing. Each time we were served a small juice, I found myself savoring it slowly.  The flavours became really intense and I felt really full.

I was happy to learn that we were on the right track with our food and smoothies.  There was going to be a few small adjustments going forward but for the most part, we were doing everything we needed to do to create real health.  I was surprised that only on two occasions did I think about food.  When I really checked in with my tummy to see if I was hungry, I wasn’t and the feeling passed.

Day Five – Coming Off The Cleanse

By the fifth day we were ready to start coming off the cleanse.  How you come off a cleanse can be more important than the actual cleanse itself. It was recommended that we eat small raw food meals. The only thing I wanted was lettuce with a little dressing.  This is all I ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the entire day and I was full.  The lettuce tasted amazing and I didn’t want anything else.   I didn’t really want to stop cleansing.  I was feeling so good; my skin was fantastic and had a lot of energy.  I wasn’t thinking about my next meal anymore.  My stomach had flattened and I felt I had released a bit weight.

The Low Down On CleansingFor the rest of our event in Fiji, I was eating a very small portion of stirfry veggies and greens at each meal. They were delicious.  We also had wheatgrass shots and Udo’s Oil. I realized that I had been eating most of the right types of food in the past, I’d just been eating too much of it.  I couldn’t eat anywhere near what I had been able to before the cleanse.  I’ve changed my dinner plate to a side plate.  That seems to be the perfect size for me now.

I’d Definitely Do It Again

I was happy that we did the cleanse in a controlled environment.  I think if I’d felt so unwell without the support, I would not have continued the cleanse.  The leaders were amazing.  On arrival back from Fiji I’d released 4kg.  I was starting to get a little cuddly before the cleanse so this was a nice added bonus.  I also tried coffee on two occasions since we’ve been back and found I didn’t like it any more.  This was completely unexpected!  I’ve also had no interest in bread.  When preparing our meals, I’m making sure at least 70% of the plate is water rich, raw food.  I’ve also starting making healthy raw soups again.

Checklist For Life In the Real World

Here are few changes I’ve made since coming back from Fiji:
•    Use smaller plates and be aware of portion sizes.
•    Make more raw veggie breakfasts.
•    Use Udo’s Oil for my skin and to help remove toxins.
•    Use healthy fats and oils to promote great brain function.
•    Colonics every three months for colon care.
•    Do a yearly worming and parasite cleanse.
•    Complete a cleanse at least once year.
•    Daily probiotics are important – use different ones.
•    Drink water – hydration is key to every function of the body.
•    8-9 hours of sleep a night is perfect for me.
•    Exercising daily is oxygenating my blood and cells.
•    To love my body and give it want it really needs to be well.

Some of the things we had during the cleanse were:
•    Watermelon and lemon juice
•    Almond and avocado smoothie
•    Clear vegetable broths
•    Spinach soup – yum!
•    Wheat grass shots
•    Udo’s Oil
•    Savory juices such as freshly blended celery and tomato
•    Proboitics
•    Salt water
•    Electrolyte water
•    Water

Did you like what you’ve read?  Leave a comment below about your experiences with cleansing, I love to know what you’ve experienced.  If you feel this was valuable share it with your friends and family! Have a fantastic weekend!

With love & gratitude,

Nikki xx

The Cleanse Part 2- Colonics


“Every tissue is fed by the blood, which is supplied by the Colon. When the Colon is dirty, the blood is dirty, and so on to the organs and the tissues. It is the Colon that invariably has to be cared for first before any effective healing can take place.”   
Doctor Bernard Jensen, DC, ND, Ph.D

As part of our cleanse at the Tony Robbins ColonicsLife/Wealth Mastery program, we were offered  a choice of therapeutic treatments. At an extra cost, we had the choice of massage, colonics and beauty treatments. You could relax in the sauna, spa or baths with fragrant oils. They also had a waterfall spa, which gave you a deep massage on the shoulders. All of this of course over looks the crashing waves over the coral reefs of SavuSavu.

When Jurgen and I arrived, we were not that keen on having any colonics. This was for two reasons. We didn’t understand that keeping our colons clean was going to greatly improve our health. Secondly, we mistakenly assumed that because we are eating a clean, organic vegetarian diet that our colons would be great. Many years ago I was not feeling very well and I had two colonics. It was an uncomfortable experience for me and I didn’t really feel I needed to repeat it.

By the end of the first morning, Jurgen changed his mind. This really surprised me as I couldn’t imagine Jurgen ever suggesting that it might be a worthwhile process. So we signed up and during the lunch break headed over to the Wellness Centre at the Namale Resort. Andrew from Gumtree Retreat walked us through the process. I felt a bit awkward while he was talking about how to insert the tube. I struggled to look him in the eyes! I just nodded and waited to be alone to work it out. Getting set up was easy and in a few minutes of working out what went where, I was underway!

There is a mirror next to the colonic The Cleanse - Colonics bed that reflects an image of the tube, where you can literally see what’s coming out of you. They refer to it as the YouTube! The colonic system is called a Libbe Colon Hydrotherapy System. You lie down on a plastic bed with your feet elevated. It really was very comfortable. There is a sheet that you place over yourself for modesty. It’s very clean and hygienic. Each speculum comes it’s own sealed bag and is for single use only. That was important and comforting to know.

You can control and alternate the water temperature yourself. This apparently is better for the bowels. In the interest of good taste, I’m going to refer to any waste matter as doo-dee! I was quite shocked at how much doo-dee was washed out of my bowels on that first session. Given we’d be travelling and missing our green smoothies, it was surprising how my bowels had slowed right down. Just in case you’re wondering, there are exhaust fans so everything smells as fresh as daisies.

Later during the week Michelle, Andrew’s wife did The Cleanse - Colonics a presentation for us about colon health. I was really amazed to learn that even if you have a really good diet, it is possible to still have parasites and worms in your intestines. This can especially be the case if you eat bread or pasta. I do occasionally have bread when we go out for breakfast. It’s funny how we worm our children, but we don’t worm ourselves as adults. Note to self: Worm Me! Parasites and worms can often be released in the 4th or 5th colonic. They showed us a picture of what they look like; it was not a pretty sight.

The other thing I found really interesting was the balance of both good and bad bacteria in the bowel. Your bowel needs both. Cleaning out the colon and adding back in the electrolytes and probiotics help to balance and keep the colon healthy. It was also recommended to change probiotics regularly as there are different ones for the both the lower and upper colon. Jurgen and I have committed to having a colonic every three months to maintain our on going colon health. Now there’s a conversation I never thought we’d have!

We were also shown how to massage our tummy’s to help stimulate the colon. The colon should be using peristalsis to move the doo-dee down through the intestines for elimination. Sometimes the colon becomes lazy and the doo-dee is pushed through the colon by the next meal. In an ideal world, having a bowel movement an hour or two after each meal is ideal. I noticed on average with the green smoothies that it’s twice a day for me. If I stop drinking my smoothies it can easily be a day or two before I go, which is definitely not ideal. What I eat affects the way my colon operates.

The second and third colonics were a breeze. It is The Cleanse - Colonics a painless procedure and quite relaxing once you know what to expect. I massaged my tummy during the colonics using the technique we were shown. I’ve also been doing it gently throughout the day. I felt so much better each time I went through the process and noticed a change in my energy levels. It was as if I was able to think a little clearer and I also had a burst of ideas. Learning about colon care and maintenance certainly added a dimension to our health we really hadn’t considered before. I’m really glad we went out of our comfort zone, it was definitely worth the results.

If you found this helpful, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts about colon care. Feel free to share this with your friends and family! Next week I’ll share with you what we learnt about healthy oils and fats for the body and how they actually burn fat!