In the following pages I have included the green smoothie recipes I love to make.  I have tried and tested these recipes with the aim of producing healthy, organic and tasty combination’s for you.  The great thing about drinking smoothies is that you begin to naturally want to eat healthier, unprocessed foods.  We used to eat out a lot, several times a week at minimum.  While I love going out for the occasional meal, I have to say I now prefer to make delicious food at home.


We live in a townhouse and had small, unused balcony.  Once our cravings for greens kicked in we decided to turn our balcony into a market garden.  Our little garden is filled with herbs, leafy greens and vegetables.   Green smoothies and salads taste amazing when they are freshly cut from the garden. There is something quite satisfying about eating food you have grown yourself.


I have taken recipes that I enjoy and looked for ways to rotate the ingredients so they fit with our healthy approach to eating. Enjoy our tasty, easy recipes.  Before you know it, you’ll be coming up with your own delicious smoothie recipes.

2 thoughts on “Recipes

  1. Hi Nikki & Jurgen,

    Well done, like the video clip. Please put some photos of your balcony garden on the web site to inspire others as to how little space is required. So much can be grown in a small space. My Dad had a 2m X 1m balcony at his Gold Coast apartment and grew enough parsley, coriander and silver beet to feed a family. Recently I was at a conference in East Melbourne and enjoyed walking around looking at the Terrace houses with tomatoes in the front yard and apartments with window boxes of herbs. love Jo

  2. Hi Jo
    Thanks for your encouragement! The balcony garden has been a great idea, I will definitely be taking some more photos for Cheeky Chimp. It certainly has kept us in greens since we started it. It’s great that inner city gardening is alive and well. It’s nice to know that people are inspired to grow their own food. Your garden is certainly amazing, your heirloom tomatoes were delicious. Thank you!

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