Seasonal Produce

Seasonal Produce

Depending on where you live, you will find a variety of seasonal produce available through the year.  Choosing things that are in season helps to ensure that prices are lower as the items are in abundance.  It is also preferable that food be grown locally and organically where possible, as this will add more nutrients to your diet and help support local farmers.

When food is imported or sold out of season, it is usually stored for a longer period of time prior to sale to extend its shelf life.  It is expensive to store food and as a result this will impact the price.  Outlets will also charge higher prices for foods available out of season.

There is always a great choice of different greens and fruits to choose from if you shop seasonally.  For more information, contact your market or local supplier for a seasonal chart to make sure you are getting an excellent variety of produce throughout the year.  It will allow you to be brilliantly creative with your smoothies!

Alternatively, start a small garden to help supplement your green smoothie supply.  Grow suitable plants in your garden or if you are in an apartment, you can grow greens on your balcony or window still.  You will also be able to grow your own food with confidence knowing you have your own organic produce on hand. Make sure you use organic soils and avoid using any chemicals.

Micro greens are also an excellent source of nutrients that can be added to salads and smoothies.  You can grow them in a small bowl or tin can.  They are generally ready to eat in 5-14 days, depending on what you choose to grow.  Sprouts are also easy to grow on a kitchen bench.  Wash the spouts twice daily and drain.

Time is a factor in today’s busy life.  If getting to a market or local grower is challenging, why not order your greens, fruits and vegetables on line.  There are organic growers who will deliver straight to your door.  Problem solved!

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