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WHIZ Chimp Features

  • Green Smoothies – specially designed to make green smoothies, retaining all that great fibre and nutrition.
  • Soups – make fantastic soups, sauces baby food and dips in a matter minutes.
  • Desserts – make seriously delicious desserts that are easy and simple.
  • Chopping – the variable speeds and pulse functions salsa and chopped vegetables.
  • Cleaning – takes a mere 15 seconds to clean!
  • Industrial Size Motor – 2 Horse Power (1,500 Watt) Motor
  • High Speed - speeds up to 30,000 RPM guarantees the smoothest blends
  • Variable Speed – choose the right speed for the task
  • Six Blade Assembly - stainless steel, serrated blades
  • Heavy duty base – shatter proof ABS base
  • Two Litre Jar – shatter proof polycarbonate jar with measurements in litres, milli-litres, ounces and cups
  • Tamper Tool – to force large food safely into the blades

Covered by our 14 day Money Back GUARANTEE

WHIZ Chimp Warranty

  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Warranty

Your WHIZ Chimp blender comes with a one year warranty. When you invest in a Cheeky Chimp Smoothie blender, you are getting a high-performing, long-lasting, user-friendly appliance. The one year warranty is from the date of purchase.

We warrant this appliance to be free from defects in materials and workmanship and to perform satisfactorily for household use for a period of one year from the date of purchase when used in accordance with the accompanying instruction sheet.

This full warranty is void if this appliance has been subjected to abuse, negligence, accident, alteration, failure to follow operating instructions, or the product has been exposed to abnormal or extreme conditions. Cosmetic changes that do not affect performance, such as discoloration of parts of the product in the hands of the user or the effects of the use of abrasive cleaners will not be warranted or considered defects. The cleaning or removal of food products along with any damage caused by allowing them to build up is not covered by this full warranty.

  1. These guidelines are for machines used in a domestic/household capacity only.
  2. Domestic WHIZ Chimp blenders used in a commercial capacity do NOT carry any warranty.
  3. Freight costs between the repairer and the consumer is not covered under warranty.
  4. Blade Assembly - will only deteriorate through abuse. Cheeky Chimp Smoothies does NOT cover under warranty.
  5. Wet and Dry Jar - cracked, etched or discoloured are normal wear and tear, therefore is NOT cover under warranty.
  6. The Base Unit - is covered for electrical or mechanical faults for the period of the warranty.

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WHIZ Chimp Specifications

  • Size with 2 Litre Jar – 52cm tall, 22cm deep, 19cm wide
  • Weight - 4.1 kg
  • Motor Size – 2 Horse Power (1,500 Watt)
  • Speed - variable up to 30,000 RPM
  • Knife Assembly – 6 blade, stainless steel, serrated
  • Jar – 2 litre shatter proof polycarbonate jar with measurements in litres, milli-litres, ounces and cups
  • Tamper Tool – to force large food safely into the blades
  • Electrics - 220V / 50 Herz for Australian market
  • Double Safety Protection - circuit breaker and motor temperature fuse

Testimonials from happy customers

"We love our new WHIZ Chimp. How can we ever go back to using a standard blender ever again? Our new WHIZ Chimp blender actually makes proper "smoothies" rather than the "lumpies" we had grown accustomed to in the past! Drinking green smoothies is investing in health - using our WHIZ Chimp blender to make them is investing in smoothie lusciousness".

Rik Schnabel & Rebecca Spencer

"I love my Whiz Chimp Blender! I used to push the greens on my plate to the side. Now I make green smoothies every day. They are so delicious. The Whiz Chimp makes really creamy, delicious green smoothies. It cleans in seconds and looks great in my kitchen too.

Sandra Dizdaric

"My wife is always looking for ways to give us maximum health and provide our bodies with better nutrition. We found out about Cheekychimp green smoothies and their Whiz Chimp blenders and straight away she wanted to try. At first I was dubious because i was never a huge fan of greens and vegetables. We love the green smoothies! We've tried the recipes and also make up our own. We both feel healthier, our skin is clearer, we have more energy and seem to not catch as many colds. Introducing smoothies to our day has meant we can get more nutrition into our day and adjust the flavour to suit our tastes.

The Whiz Chimp blender makes the smoothest and creamiest smoothies. They are just so nice."

Sean Weideman and Mish Palmer

Introducing the WHIZ Chimp Blender

It chops, creams, blends, cooks, grinds, churns, emulsifies, crushes, whisks, frappes, purees, powders and whips. You can easily create endless healthy dishes. WHIZ Chimp is built to last and will be a staple part of your kitchen. The best secret is that you will be able to give your children the nutritious greens they need every day! They will be begging you for more. With our gorgeous Cheeky Chimp logo on the front, they’ll be lining up to make their own delicious concoctions. How easy will life be with your new secret weapon? This blender is perfect for making green smoothies but did you know you could do so much more with WHIZ Chimp? It is also ideal for making delicious desserts and crushes ice with ease. You can even make and heat soups within minutes. WHIZ Chimp is so easy to use, the whole family will love it. They will be much healthier and energised as a result.


The WHIZ Chimp has a state of the art six-blade assembly. Blades are made from stainless steel and are serrated on all cutting edges, breaking down even the densest foods quickly and efficiently. Two blades are angled downwards to ensure no foods get caught below the cutting blades.

Tamper Tool

The tamper tool helps to push food into the blades without the fear of jamming or damaging the tamper. This is very safe to do and useful when making nut butters and ice creams.

Motor and Speed Control

With over 2 Horse Power, the WHIZ Chimp is one of the most powerful blenders on the market. With it’s industrial size motor, the WHIZ Chimp is built to last. The variable speed control allows the adjustment of rotation speeds and delivers precise, consistent rotation speeds every time. Of course the Whiz Chimp features an additional pulse function. This flexibility will allow you to make a variety of different dishes.


WHIZ Chimp Blenders are currently available for the Australian market via this website.

Money Back Guarantee

You can buy the WHIZ Chimp Blender with confidence knowing it is covered by our 14 Day Money Back Guarantee. In the very unlikely event that the Whiz Chimp Blender does not meet your expectations in any way then send it back within 14 days and we will refund the money.


Your WHIZ Chimp Blender is covered by a One Year Warranty against mechanical and electrical faults.

More Information

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Bottom Line

The Whiz Chimp Blender with it’s high-speed industrial motor combined with the state of the art blade set guarantees longevity. Only the best materials are used to manufacture this blender, it is a heavy duty device designed to handle even the densest whole foods with ease. Buy with confidence knowing that you are covered by our One Year Warranty and our 14 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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