Book & DVD Package

Book - GREEN SMOOTHIES – Live Like It Matters

Discover how green smoothies will supercharge your life, one glass at a time. It takes just five minutes a day to change the course of your health and wellbeing. See how green smoothies will positively impact every aspect of your health. This book is for people who want to be inspired and improve their health, the natural way.

DVD - GREEN SMOOTHIES – Taking Your Health From Ordinary to Extraordinary!

Join Nikki as she shares her incredible story of recovery after experiencing two strokes at the age of 39. Her journey back to health started with a single green smoothie. This powerhouse of leafy greens, fruit and water began to repair and rebuild her body. This created a chain reaction that transformed her health and wellbeing, helping her to make a full recovery. Running time: 92 minutes

Price: $39.00

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