Green Smoothie Book

Discover how green smoothies will supercharge your life, one glass at a time. It takes just five minutes a day to change the course of your health and wellbeing. See how green smoothies will positively impact every aspect of your health. This book is for people who want to be inspired and improve their health, the natural way.

Green smoothies will increase your energy, concentration and maintain your ideal weight. You will experience clearer thinking and a great night’s sleep. Your hair, nails and complexion will look incredible. Green smoothies have an alkalizing effect on the body, which is ideal for healing and recovery. This is your jump-start to authentic, healthy living.

About the Author
Nikki Mennel experienced a stroke in September 2011 at the age of 39. Nikki and her husband Jurgen, used green smoothies as the foundation for a complete health and lifestyle change, with incredible results. Nikki’s vision is to encourage people to lead healthy, happy lives using simple diet and lifestyle changes.

GREEN SMOOTHIES - Live Like It Matters

Chapter 1  -  My Journey
Chapter 2  -  What are Green Smoothies?
Chapter 3  -  Chimp Gourmet
Chapter 4  -  Greens
Chapter 5  -  Global Shift
Chapter 6  -  Cholesterol
Chapter 7  -  Omega 3
Chapter 8  -  Acid vs. Alkaline
Chapter 9  -  Fibre
Chapter 10 - Water
Chapter 11 - Blenders
Chapter 12 - Live Like It Matters
Chapter 13 - Recipes
Chapter 14 - Food List
Where To From Here?

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