Green Smoothie DVD

                                    GREEN SMOOTHIES
       Taking Your Health From Ordinary To Extraordinary!

Join Nikki as she shares her incredible story of recovery after experiencing two strokes at the age of 39.  Her journey back to health started with a single green smoothie.  This powerhouse of leafy greens, fruit and water began to repair and rebuild her body.  This created a chain reaction that transformed her health and wellbeing, helping her to make a full recovery.

Nikki shows you how green smoothies will create the foundation for truly spectacular health and wellbeing.  There are no potions, pills or powders, just green smoothies and organic whole foods.  She explains it in easy to understand terms to help you get started straight away.  Imagine being able to transform your health in less than five minutes a day? Your journey towards lasting health starts with a single step… take that step today and know what it feels like to experience real health and wellbeing!

The DVD chapters are jam packed with great information.  The chapter titles include Welcome, Nikki’s Story, Cheeky Chimp Smoothies, Leafy Greens, Blending vs. Juicing, Fibre, Acid & Alkaline, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Organic Foods, Blenders and Life is Now.  Nikki takes you into her own personal kitchen and shares her favorite green smoothie recipes.  She also makes delicious green soups, green puddings and ice creams.  Health never tasted so good.  Order your copy now!

Running time: 92 minutes

Price: $29.00

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