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Looking for an engaging and inspiring speaker for your next wellness festival or corporate wellness program? Nikki speaks regularly at functions, corporate events and conferences within Australia. Her speeches are inspiring, educational and very engaging. To book Nikki for your next conference, please email your details and request to: info@cheekychimpsmoothies.com

After experiencing a stroke at 39 years old, Nikki questioned everything in her life. The stroke forced her to look at her lifestyle, diet and exercise.  It also had her questioning how she dealt stress and her career.  Piece by piece Nikki worked out how to heal her body and transform her health and wellbeing.  As a result, Nikki made a full recovery.   The stroke didn’t take her life; it gave her a new one.

Unlocking the secret to transforming her health was so valuable, that Nikki’s passion is to help others recover and improve their health too.  The truth is that health is actually really simple and easy.  The great news is that it’s also delicious!

Nikki published her book GREEN SMOOTHIES – Live Like It Matters in February 2013. She wrote the book to share with you what she discovered about healthy living and how she recovered.  Nikki has also created a DVD “GREEN SMOOTHIES – Taking Your Health from Ordinary to Extraordinary!” It’s inspiring to watch the transformations in people who begin to make conscious decisions about their health.  

As a speaker, Nikki believes that your mind and body need to be in sync to achieve amazing health and wellbeing. What we do today will manifest it’s self tomorrow one way or another.  Small shifts in diet and lifestyle can change the course of your life forever. Nikki learnt this lesson the hard way.  She shares her story as a cautionary tale, so you never need to experience such a life-threatening situation in your lifetime.

.Keynote Topics include:

  • Transforming Your Health and Wellbeing with Green Smoothies
  • How Mindset Influenced Both My Stroke and My Recovery


 “Nikki’s captivating story of recovery has been an amazing wake up call for me. Her inspiration to take control and her health and life, combined with the miracle workings of green smoothies has made a life worth living. Nikki’s presentations have given me the passion to live my life to the fullest. Thank you for instilling a great sense of self worth and inspiring me to Live Like it Matters.”

Jenny Trad – Business Sales Development Manager – Melbourne, Australia

 “I want to convey my heartfelt thanks on behalf of our team for your address at our meeting. The way you combined your personal experience with the facts and urgency around stroke prevention messages was extraordinarily powerful.  Your presentation was simply outstanding and did more to motivate our employees to take action to reduce their risk of stroke than we could ever do.  You have also raised awareness levels to a new high, which will have a powerful flow on effect through the families and social networks of our employees. Thanks again for taking the time to share your story and experience with us.”

Anthony Mancini – Managing Director – Melbourne, Australia


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