“For a few years now, Carmen has had “Macular” issues and her eyeball pressure has been a quite serious concern. Her eyeball pressures were 34 and 27. She saw the specialist and he said he could not guarantee she would not wake up blind in one or both eyes (at any time). As you can guess, she had the laser treatment immediately.

Each year, Carmen has six monthly “pressure” test on each eye. They have been of borderline for concern at around 24. Carmen had her first test yesterday since we have been on the Green Smoothie diet. Both eyes were 20, her best result ever!”

Ray & Carmen McQueen, South Morang, Victoria, Australia

“Thank you so much for your newsletter. I have just had an operation on both my eyelids yesterday and today the bandages came off. Your newsletter is timely, as I did not realise that there were foods to help in eye health!   I have been procrastinating about commencing my own journey with green smoothies. Now I am definitely ‘fired up’ with enthusiasm to get my hubby to go buy some organic greens so I can start!  I also have very high cholesterol and I am pretty sure that this will help too.

I am very grateful to you for your newsletter!!  I hope all is well with you and your family and I still look forward to reading your updates via Facebook and your newsletters – keep up your wonderful work.  You are very inspirational.”

Gail Mastrowicz, Victoria, Australia

“I received my blender yesterday and made my first smoothie today, thank you so much. It works like a dream.  I asked my local cafe to include green smoothies on their menu and they are proving very popular. You’ve started a revolution!!!! Can’t wait to start feeling the benefits, particularly kicking the fatigue I experience from my stroke. Thank you for the big email you sent me back in September. It really helped.  Living with a stroke isn’t always easy but good to know inspirational people who have been through it (like yourself) to swap notes with.  Take care and so pleased I discovered Green Smoothies through your video on the National Stroke Foundation.”

Andrea Winchester – New South Wales, Australia

“You are an inspiration and role model to everyone who has the honour of connecting with you either personally or through your web page.  I received your book last Friday, read it start to finish Saturday and commenced our Smoothie Journey Sunday. We absolutely love the whole process. Marty and I have always been very interested in diet, health and similar to yourself we had viewed mostly from the “weight” platform. We have been cold press juicing and to be honest I found this process a little laborious and somewhat wasteful. Your Smoothie recipes leave us feeling fuelled, satisfied and taste fabulous. They are so quick and easy to make and clean up after, even my youngest daughter has also got started with her own creations. Both our energy levels have had a huge shift and its only day 3.  Thank you for sharing your journey and inspiring us to step up.”

Page Henderson – Western Australia, Australia

“After a great day at Eumundi Market with the sun shining and great customers, on pack I went to the post office to collect my mail. When I opened the box I noticed that I had received a book I had ordered on GREEN SMOOTHIES which was written by a great friend of mine Nikki Mennel who experienced a stroke at the age of 39. Nikki and her husband Jurgen used green smoothies as the foundation for a complete health and lifestyle change, with incredible results. So my morning has started off with the first smoothie in Nikki’s book, The Banana Green Smoothie. It’s so yummy and healthy.”

Tracey Hill – Sunshine Coast, Australia

“I want to convey my heartfelt thanks on behalf of our team for your address at our meeting. The way you combined your personal experience with the facts and urgency around stroke prevention messages was extraordinarily powerful.  Your presentation was simply outstanding and did more to motivate our employees to take action to reduce their risk of stroke than we could ever do.  You have also raised awareness levels to a new high which will have a powerful flow on effect through the families and social networks of our employees. Thanks again for taking the time to share your story and experience with us.”

Anthony Mancini – CEO – Melbourne, Australia

“Please pass my thanks on to Nikki for sending me a copy of her book. It is fantastic – I just love it. A wonderful piece, inspirational, practical – the real deal.”

Andrew Griffith – Author, Queensland, Australia

“Thank you for sending me copy of your book. I am halfway through & it has already helped to educate myself on how to improve the blends I have been improvising.  I am on my way to Perth tomorrow to get an organic garden started. Your book kicked me into gear as I have been planning it for months now.  I’m sorry but so glad to read about your recovery. Sounds like a tough time for you after the stroke. I’m very glad Jurgen & yourself have come through it stronger than prior. Please pass on a warm hello for me. Best wishes & thanks again.”

Heath Baird – Western Australia, Australia

“I just thought I’d let you know that all my girlfriends are reading your book and absolutely love it.  They are very interested and thought it would help with their health issues.  They all commented on how well written, easy to read and interesting it was. One girlfriend has serious health problems it will be interesting to see what effect it has on her.  It is also perfect because she is strict vegetarian.  I’m sure it will help heaps.  You have having a ripple effect.”

Lynda McCubbin – Melbourne, Australia

“I had the pleasure of recently reading Nikki Mennel’s book, Live like it Matters and I was empowered to give the green smoothies a go.  So after nearly blowing up my first blender, I managed to make my first green smoothie and proceeded to offer it to my 4 year old twins who I assumed would go “YUCK! I am not drinking that mummy.  But low and behold, my “Meat Only” son who has consistently refused to eat anything green since he was 6 months old got stuck right in to the green smoothie and then proceeded to ask for more!  I was floored!  I new smoothies were a great way to get nutritional content into my kids, but what I love about Nikki’s book is she create great recipes that give you and your kids the greatest impact. I recommend this book for all parents who are looking for new ways to get nutrients into your kids!”

Jules Blundell – mother of Jasper & Charlotte, 4 Years old – Melbourne, Australia

“The workshop really showed me how easy it is to be healthy! I wasn’t sure I’d like green smoothies but I’ve been drinking them nearly every day since! They’re delicious! I’ve been making them during my daughters nap time and then drink it throughout the day. I love how fresh and tasty they are and I’m using different ingredients each time. I love adding cucumber; it’s so fresh during all of this heat! It makes me so happy that I’m starting the day so healthy and it’s giving me lots of well-needed energy. Nikki’s workshop was fantastic! I learnt so much and I highly recommend it!”

Angela – Melbourne, Australia

“Really enjoyed the first hand experience to taste what I never thought I would.  Who’d have thought that greens could be so cool!  Green is a state of mind.  I’m loving it.”

Rosie Dore – Melbourne, Australia

“So many options!  It is so easy to improve my health an so much support to get started and just do it!”

Kaaren Hawkes – Melbourne, Australia

“It was a very enjoyable night.  The smoothies where amazing and Nikki’s enthusiasm and passion made the time fly as I was engrossed in the information and guidance shared by her.  I’m very grateful for all the knowledge to improve my health even more.”

Wendy Robinson – Melbourne, Australia

“The Cheeky Chimp class was very motivating to live a healthy life!  I will definitely start incorporating green smoothies into my diet as much as possible.”

Gemma Morales – Melbourne Australia

“We received your book and have thoroughly enjoyed reading it. We have already sampled and enjoyed The Green Tutu. We look forward to trying many more. You are an amazing person. You are to be commended for your efforts in recovery from your strokes. Congratulations on the work you are doing. We wish you every continued success and good health.”

Maria & Peter – Melbourne, Australia


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  1. Three years ago I began having green smoothies to try to improve my Type two diabetes. The recipies were not the same as the ones on this site, but were basically the same. I was ahving two a day: one breakfast and one lunch. I was also mainly having a vegetarian meal fo dinner of an evening and regularly doing an hour of brisk walking each day. My blood sugars came down and I felt better than I have ever felt in my life and I lost weight, which helps too. However lifestyle changed and I fell back into previous ways!!!! After reading the artice on Saturday, I am back on track again and feeling so much better already and hoping to reverse issues with my eyes. Cheers.

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